Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton Hands-On

by Eduard Osipov

Romain Jerome loves space. We all know that from their Moon DNA collection and some of the watches I have previously talked about (like the Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter and Spacecraft). Honestly, I see their obsession with that theme as a very nicely picked topic to explore. After all, space is so broad, unknown and fascinating, and that’s the beauty of it – as a watch brand you don’t have any limits to what the end piece will look like, except for your own perception of space. So starting with the Moon Dust model (where Romain Jerome has put some of the actual dust from the Moon into the watch) and to the Spacecraft that has a completely different look Romain Jerome has been inventing new designs and ways to display cosmos in a watch. This time I think they’ve managed to do the best job yet (without getting too nerdy about it); here is the new Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton!

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton

Yes, Romain Jerome has decided to be really generous this New Year and has finally done a fully skeletonized watch, with a completely see-through movement, being placed between 2 sapphire glass layers. It also creates a bit of a nice blue reflection sometimes when you’re outside and the sun is shining ? As for the watch origin – as I’ve said it is part of the ‘Moon DNA’ and RJ’s quest for space exploration; the name Skylab originated from NASA’s first space lab, and I think it fits quite well here, as this is the brand’s first skeleton.

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton - Caseback

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton – Caseback

Now, if we start talking functionality – No, the watch isn’t as advanced as it might look to some. It has the centered hours and minutes as well as a separate seconds indicator at 9 o’clock. However, when I look at this model I don’t even think about its functions, the design and the movement (caliber RJ004M, developed by Concepto) drags all the attention. From winding the timepiece and looking at the barrel spring tense to counting the ticking seconds, everything about it is really mesmerizing, and I really wish we had more skeleton watches like this one, where the movement is not just exposed but actually well finished and nicely placed inside of the case.

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton - Wristshot

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton – Wristshot

The case by the way is 44mm, which sounds large, but it definitely isn’t. While some of the Romain Jerome watches (like the Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA) are definitely not something I’d wear with a suit this is definitely more classy and elegant, and that especially shows in the black PVD and steel model called the Skylab Speed Metal. Apart from this RJ has made two more versions of the Skylab – the Heavy Metal (which is all uncoated steel), and the Skylab Red that features rose gold together with the black PVD steel. Prices (respectably) are $16’950 for the steel models and $19’950 for the Red Gold one.

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton

Romain Jerome Skylab Skeleton – Conclusion

So to recap everything, the watch is beautiful by the look and during the time I’ve been test driving it I haven’t found any real problems with the movement, thought I would like the strap not to be made out of calf skin, and rather have something new, like alligator. Price-wise I think it is very well placed, especially for (yet another) limited edition of 99 pieces for each model. If we take a look back at the 2013 Romain Jerome has really been one of the innovator brands, presenting not one but several novelties this year, and just like I said in the article about their Romain Jerome Tattoo-DNA I’m really looking forward to see what’s next for this collection.

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