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DreamChrono has everything the professional watch dealer needs to create the ideal environment to sell:

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In fact the only thing you have to do is open an account and select ‘I’m a professional’ and then contact us by email. Our professional team will take care of everything to help you set up your store.

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World’s biggest online database of watches

DreamChrono has another valuable secret weapon that will help both you and your customers to identify watches and specific watch models easily and accurately.

We have a dedicated team of Dataminers working 5 days a week. Each week they are adding between 450 to 500 watches with complete specs and pictures from all of the major Swiss watch brands. This invaluable service saves you the bother of having to add in all the details of the watches you want to sell, which, let’s face it, is a major hassle. With DreamChrono all you have to do is type the reference ID or find it after you select Brand + Collection, and all the Technical Features of the watches will automatically pre-fill!

Then just type in the type reference, decide on your selling price, the year, whether new or preowned, and state whether or not you have the original box and papers, and then simply upload your pictures.

If it still seems too much like hard work, our dataminers are on hand to do it for you, and all you have to do is provide the pictures. If the watches you want to add are not yet in the database, let us know and our team of dataminers will add them to the database in less than 48 Hours.

Selling vintage watches? No problem, just provide as many details as you can by email and our dataminers will do the rest.

Believe in us, grow with us!

Our mission is to make DreamChrono the new authority in the watch industry and we’re well on the way to making that happen. Between them our team of top watch journalists have notched up well over 500,000 words, produced more than 570 articles and covered close to 200 topics. The blog has helped us to build from scratch an audience of 275,000 Unique Visitors generating around 931,000 page views, 20,363 Facebook Likes, 2,123 Twitter followers, 4,945 Instagram devotees, 2,583 Google + fans,135 Pinterest followers and 43 YouTube subscribers, all within the first year. Many watch blogs have been unable to achieve these figures in three to five years of operation. Today the blog enjoys an average audience of around 1500 visitors a day.

We want to give you the best sales environment on the web. Try us FREE for three months and let us know your thoughts.We will listen and can react quickly to your recommendations.

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