Cyrus Watches : a brand to keep on the radar

Cyrus Watches : a brand to keep on the radar

by Olivier Müller
Brand History, Cyrus

If you’re already a serious collector of Panerai, Rolex and other institutional brands, it’s the moment to take a serious look at the other side of the horologic road : independents. There’s one reason for that : some of today’s independent watch brands might become tomorrow’s institutional trend-setters.

In the past, it took decades or even centuries for a brand to become recognized and respected. Nowadays, with an increasing amount of watchnerds, along with real-time, widespread communication means, small watch brands can grow bigger in less than 10 years.

Cyrius Watches – Babylonian watches

Cyrus could be one of them. The Swiss brand has just three years. At its inception, many mocked its universe, a never-seen before balance between future and Babylon. It’s whole story is based upon the life of Cyrus the Great, who was a conqueror 550 years before J.C.

Still, three years later, Cyrus is now well established in the watch landscape. The brand is still 100% independent and managed by its two cousins founders from the same Lecamp family.

Cyrus displays a portfolio of three references. Street prices go from 9’300 up to 100’000 euros. What is more unconventional is the caliber of the watches, especially on the top of the portfolio. Cyrus partners with Chronode. Managed by the watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, Chronode provides famous brands with amazing movements, such as HYT, IWC (Scafusa Tourbillon) or MB&F. Needless to say that a Chronode movement in a watch is a serious testify of added-value and seriousness.

Cyrius Watches – Football and Supercars

In terms of partnerships, Cyrus also steps ahead from its competitors. The brand will be in 2014 the Official Timekeeper of a major football club (name expected soon). This is quite unusual : so far, football’s partnerships were the playground of major brands, such as Hublot. This will be the very first that a newcomer, 100% independent, will be dispayed in stadiums.

Cyrus is also the watch partner of what could be the most exciting car project of the year : W Motors (to be unveiled in July this year). This one-shot company has been created to give birth to the Lykan HyperSport, which might stand as one of the most sought-after toy for men, a 4,5 millions USD car. Cyrus has an agreement with W Motors according to which seven Lykan will be delivered in the coming years with a Cyrus watch. It’s probably the best deal made by a watch company these past couple of years to enter the world of hyper luxury toys !

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

However, meanwhile, Cyrus keeps up the work on technics. In 2014, the Lecamp family will unveil a new version of its Klepcys. It will come in titanium and in red, with a Moon phase. But in this version, the red Moon will become Mars – the first Mars phase of the watch industry ? Last but not least, Cyrus also sees further, in 2015. The brand is currently working on a 18-months project that should end with a new alarm caliber.

Cyrus Klepcys Mars

Cyrus Watches : Klepcys Mars

This will be a major development for this type of complication. All collectors know the famous Vulcain Cricket watch, which stands as the reference in the world of alarm watches. Two others references can be quoted, but only two : the Corum Chargé d’Affaires, and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Memovox. Apart from this triumvirat, there’s no brand with an alarm watch in its current collection. Cyrus, with its babylonian approach, helped by Chronode’s skills, could give a serious refresh to the alarm complication, that has been almost forgotten for decades.

More resources about Cyrus Watches on the Official Cyrus Website.

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