VicenTerra Luna – Dance with the Stars

by Olivier Müller

Even the fans of institutional brands look, from times to times, for independent brands, some different watches made in limited series that are different from what the have in their collection so far.

In that category, there are high-end independent, such as Greubel Forsey, Philippe Dufour, or Christophe Claret. Those kind of watches require at least 200 000 $ to be part of their owner’s club. Not the kind of budget that everybody has. That’s why it is interesting to have a glance at some less known independent, such as Peter Speake-Marin and…Vicenterra. That’s him, Vincent Plomb, the man behind Vicenterra, who just unveiled a superb new model, which require a close look.

VicenTerra Luna Watch

VicenTerra Luna Watch

VicenTerra Luna – Sought-after timepieces

Vincent had already created, three years ago, the GMT-3. This massive, stunning piece, set the very essence of the brand : 3D earth, massive rectangular case, very pure design, and above all creativity in its display. For the record, the very first pieces of the GMT-3 had been proposed at 5 000 CHF. Nowadays, a GMT-3 can be found at 12 000 CHF. And it’s only three years old… That’s why watchnerds may have a close look, now and not in three years, at the new Vicenterra creation, the Luna.

VicenTerra Luna - Dial

VicenTerra Luna – Dial

The Luna sets a 3-dimensional stage for the moon, revealing each quarter and phases in a spatial manner, in three dimensions. The earth indicates the geographical zone of the Sun at its zenith, or simply where it’s noon on earth.

The dance of these two stars is complete with the magnificent starlit night between the setting and the rising sun. The black dial shows applied hour markers escorted by a minute marker in stealth mode, in which fits the name of the new model “LUNA”. Last but not least, a big date is offered at 2 o’clock. Inside the timepiece, a deep black colour enhances the complications in a spray of shining stars, made of black diamonds.

VicenTerra Luna – Mechanics of time

The whole story is powered by a caliber with an exclusive additional module developed by Vicenterra. The training of this exclusive module Vicenterra is assured by a movement of Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, the calibre Seed VFM 3002. This calibre has a 42 hours reserve and two barrels in series. The white golden oscillating weight benefits from an exclusive drawing personalized by Vicenterra.

VicenTerra Luna - Caseback

VicenTerra Luna – Caseback

This timepiece gives the following information: hours, minutes, seconds in the center of the dial. The phases of the moon are visible in 3-dimensions as in a clear night. The moon revolves in 29.54 days (the average moon cycle). The Earth indicates the geographical zone in which the sun is at its zenith. It revolves once in 24 hours.

There are also two windows, one at 5, the other at 7, which let the wearer see the full globes of the earth and the moon. This display was also offered in Vicenterra’s first creation, the GMT-3. It now seems to be kind of a trademark of the brand. Such as the generous dimensions of the piece : 43.50mm (width) x 53.00mm (length) x 13.60mm (thickness).

The Luna is now at its final stages. The piece will be finalized in December and January, and probably officialy presented in March / April, including during Baselworld. Vincent Plomb is a discreet and humble man, but with outstanding timepieces. He won’t have a 2000 square meters booth between TAG Heuer and Patek Philippe. Still, make sure to catch him during the fair : he deserves it !

More resources about the VinceTerra Luna Watch available on the Official VinceTerra Website.

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