Bell & Ross B Rocket Teaser Pre-Baselworld

Bell & Ross B Rocket Teaser Pre-Baselworld

by Michael Weare
Baselworld, Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has got everyone wondering what they are going to unveil at Baselworld 2014, not least because they have released a teasing video showing a high performance motorbike, a speed bike to be exact, that they call the B-Rocket. They didn’t completely design the B-Rocket motorcycle, because they are watchmakers not mechanics. The help of a gentleman whose surname may sound familiar when related to motorcycles, was called upon, Shaw Harley-Davidson. Bell & Ross, who are famous for their re-interpretations of vintage aviation watches, and for taking the essence of famous jet fighters and turning them into highly desirable timepieces, based on aircraft dials, describe the bike as a neo retro concept-bike. The bike has been inspired by both speed bikes from the 60s and, from the same era, the ambitious experiments in avionics at the time the US were starting to get serious about the space race.

Bell & Ross B Rocket

Bell & Ross B Rocket

It all links back to how Bell & Ross first started. They were watch designers who had joined forces with aeronautical control panel specialists. The idea was to develop timepieces that are professional tools, made to Swiss watchmaking traditions but with a strong character that is unmistakeably Bell & Ross. with one project in mind: to create timepieces ideally suited for professional use. The watches find much empathy with men who work in extreme situations. And while sipping Baselworld latte’s is not exactly Bell & Ross’ idea of an extreme situation, even if the price is extreme, they will be keenly awaiting the opportunity to unveil their new watch to a fascinated watch world this week.

Bell & Ross B Rocket - Baselworld 2014

Bell & Ross B Rocket – Baselworld 2014

So for now we will just have to be patient because the watchmaking part of the B-Rocket concept will only be unveiled at Baselworld, and until then, we can only guess at what the watch will look like and what it can do. That said, we will of course update you as soon as we know more, so watch this space.

Update 29 March 2014: Sean Scott contributed the 26 March to this post with a comment including two pictures of the “Secret Watches” from Bell & Ross. Today we can confirm today these shot are 100% Legit, Bell & Ross released not one but two watches: the BR 01 B-Rocket & the BR 03 B-Rocket. You can take a look below to these two watches:

Bell & Ross BR 01 B-Rocket - Baselworld 2014

Bell & Ross BR 01 B-Rocket – Baselworld 2014

Bell & Ross BR 03 B-Rocket - Baselworld 2014

Bell & Ross BR 03 B-Rocket – Baselworld 2014

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