Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review

by Matthew Boston
$1,000 - 9,999, Seiko

Seiko’s Ananta line of watches were the first high watches by the brand to be sold globally when they were launched in 2009, that is until 2011 when the Grand Seiko line was sold on a more global basis. Usually limited editions new Ananta watches tend to focus on famous time-honored Japanese art such as Urushi lacquer painting. This latest limited edition which is also is in commemoration of Seiko’s 100th anniversary also uses laquer.

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review – Dial

The dial of this new chronograph is a perfect expression of Seiko’s dedication to ultimate refinement and innovation.

In this anniversary edition the dial has been hand painted by noted artist and expert in the Kaga Makie style of lacquer Isshu Tamura. The colours used also make this watch more unique, apparently the deep blue colour of the dial has never before been achieved in lacquer. According to Seiko it is intended to evoke the richness of the night sky, against which the crescent moon, also painted in lacquer, shines brightly.

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Watch

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Watch

The edge of the dial has a crescent moon decoration which Seiko intends to be a visual metaphor for the richly varied life of Masamune Date. Masamune Date was a famous 17th century Baron who was renowned for not only founding one of Japans largest cities: Sendai but also the distinctiveness of his armour. His Samurai helmet was topped with a large crescent moon emblem and it is with this most distinctive look that history remembers him today.

Thanks to Seiko’s proprietary antireflective coating which eliminates 99% of light reflection, even in bright sunlight the beauty of the color on the dial should be perfectly visible.

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review – Movement

Seiko’s in-house made 8R28 automatic chronograph movement is inside this limited edition Ananta model and it uses a column wheel and vertical clutch, it is found in a lot of Ananta models and could be argued that Seiko could use a little more variety in this area to entice collectors more.

Seiko 8R28 Movement

Seiko 8R28 Movement

The movement also uses Seiko’s special three-pointed hammer which guarantees the fly-back hands perfect synchronisation. It has a a power reserve of about 45 hours and operates at 4Hz.

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review – Case

At 42.8mm wide, the steel case is nicely polished and attractive. The side of the case of Ananta models has a parabolic curve which is meant to recall the Katana sword while the tip of the sword is the inspiration for the pointed shape of the case back and integrated lugs. Overall though this model is more conservative in its incorporation of elements based on Katana swords compared to previous models.

Seiko Ananta SRQ017 Review – Conclusion and Pricing

Seiko likes to draw parallels with the artisanship and quality of materials used in the creation of Katana swords. Just as a Katana sword utilizes the highest steel-making technology so too does the Ananta draw on Seiko’s high technology processes and the skill of its craftsmen watchmakers. All Ananta models are made in entirely of in-house components and built in Japan.

The Seiko Ananta SRQ017 is an imposing but elegant watch with the level of quality to be expected from the Ananta line of watches which are well known for their workmanship as well as value for money, add to that the lacquer painting and you have something quite unique too. The new Seiko Ananta chronograph SRQ017 comes as limited edition of 300 with the numbered edition engraved on the caseback and it is part of Seiko’s 100th anniversary collection celebrating its founding year of 2013. Priced at $5,000.

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