Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247

Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247

by Johnny McElherron
$1,000 - 9,999, Bremont

The Bremont / Boeing Partnership Takes Off With Two New Models. When Bremont and Boeing announced their partnership earlier this year it was widely recognised as one of the most authentic collaborations of recent times. Perhaps there was even a little bit of dignified eny by others in the industry who wondered how “little guys” Bremont managed to seal a deal with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. Maybe the answer to this particular conundrum lies with Bremont’s heritage of aviation, their refreshing enthusiasm for their youthful company and their love for all things mechanical.

Bremont Boeing Model 1 - Black

Bremont Boeing Model 1 – Black

Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 – Accuracy and Innovation

Bremont were founded in 2002 by two brothers, Nick and Giles English. Both are qualified pilots, both have an obsession with historic aircraft. In just 12 years, they have built a portfolio of small series precision timekeepers each of which is COSC certified for accuracy and have conceived some very innovative features including their Trip-Tick® case construction which ensures that each piece is virtually indestructible. Their aphorism “Tested Beyond Endurance” is not just a tagline, but is one which they take very seriously giving each of their models a boot-camp style testing procedure.

Bremont Boeing Model 1 - White

Bremont Boeing Model 1 – White

A previous collaboration with Marin Baker, the ejection seat manufacturers give rise to the Bremont MBI and MBII models, both engineered to survive the forces experienced in the extreme situation of an emergency ejector seat evacuation. They also gained the attention of fellow historic aviation enthusiasts with their P-51 model which uses in its construction, genuine fuselage aluminium from the Second World War P-51 Mustang aircraft.

Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 – New Watchmaking Materials

With their partnership with Boeing, Bremont hope to capture an even wider fan base but they have much to bring to this arrangement. The collection to which both marques add their name will use Boeing Ti-64 aircraft grade titanium and a special 465® stainless steel provided by Boeing. The steel is reputably similar to that which is used to make the undercarriages of F-18s and jumbo jets, and is therefore highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. These materials, are evidence that Boeing are not content with being a “silent partner” in this relationship, but want to be involved at the technical end also.

Bremont Boeing Model 247 - Black

Bremont Boeing Model 247 – Black

Two new models have been released in this series so far, both featuring classical understated styling. The Bremont Boeing Model 1 is powered by the BE-36AE automatic chronometer movement producing a power reserve of 38 hours. On the dial diminutive numerals leave plenty of empty dial space at the centre. The case side is slightly sculpted to offer protection to the crown, which with its 4 o’clock position forms an affinity with the neat little date window at the 4.30 location. The Bremont Boeing Model 247 is powered by the BE-50AE automatic chronometer movement providing 42 hours of power reserve. It keeps the same clean, uncluttered styling as the Model 1, but with the addition of two subtle counters, for the seconds and for the 30 minutes.

Bremont Boeing Model 247 - White

Bremont Boeing Model 247 – White

Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 – Subtle Branding

Both new models have the option of 465® stainless steel or Boeing Ti-64 aircraft grade titanium cases sized at 43mm across and a choice of black or white metal dials. Despite the marketing potential for both companies the “Boeing” in these models is surprisingly low-key. Both models feature the Boeing logo on the caseback and have Bremont Boeing moulded, skeletonised and decorated rotors and on the dial, both feature a charming little Boeing stylised overhang on the central sweep seconds hand.

Bremont Boeing Model 247 - Caseback

Bremont Boeing Model 247 – Caseback

The Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 will be available for purchase in winter 2014 around $6,000.

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