Exclusive Laser Signature Designates Originals

by Carl F. Bucherer
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  • Exclusive Laser Signature Designates Originals

Unmistakably authentic.
Exclusive laser signature designates Carl F. Bucherer originals.

Lucerne, May 2014. To enhance its protection against counterfeiting, the Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer is implementing the innovative CLR-LIGA technology, which uses nanostructuring of individual components of the movement to ensure clear and simple authentication.

Masterpieces do not come into being by chance. Carl F. Bucherer’s watches are the issue of a long tradition during which knowledge and skills in the crafts of watchmaking and jewelry-making were continually extended. The experience and development accumulated over more than 125 years go into each and every watch, making it an exemplar of watchmaking art rich in tradition. Our task now is to protect this heritage and to guarantee that the name of Carl F. Bucherer continues to exemplify the best quality. For this reason, protection against counterfeits that illegally display the name of Carl F. Bucherer has become essential. In future, the innovative CLR-LIGA laser technology will enable clear authentication of originals, unequivocally and at a glance.

Cutting-edge technology on the smallest scale.

The Swiss company Mimotec SA, of Sion, has developed a new type of technology for certifying original products with an individual laser signature. Named CLR-LIGA, this technology provides even the smallest components with a diffractive surface structure that reflects light in the form of a unique signature. A complex 4-stage process of structural calculation, nanostructuring, photolithography and galvanization makes it impossible for counterfeiters to copy the laser signature. Furthermore, this new technology stands out sharply against other methods of certifying original products. Unlike certificate cards or QR codes, authentication by CLR-LIGA technology needs no complex database of identification numbers, but can be recognized quickly and easily with a simple scanning device. Furthermore, the laser signature is actually integrated into the product, making unequivocal authentication possible even decades later, independently of technical systems.

Signed for eternity

Carl F. Bucherer places the highest value on the protection of its technical achievements, which are crucial to the company’s success. For example, the exceptional Manufacture caliber CFB A1000 with automatic winding is not only an example of outstanding watchmaking technology, but also an expression of the company’s philosophy, which continually forges ahead with progressive, ground-breaking developments. Carl F. Bucherer decided to implement CLR-LIGA technology to keep its own creations, which are invariably of the highest quality, clearly distinct from counterfeits and to make it even easier to tell the difference. The first model presented with an integral laser signature showing the Carl F. Bucherer logo is the Manero PowerReserve. From 2014, all other models powered by the CFB A1000 caliber will bear the detailed laser signature, unmistakably identifying them as original models from Carl F. Bucherer. It is not merely the signature of the brand name, but also the certificate of touchstone quality, innovation and design.

About Carl F. Bucherer

The name Carl F. Bucherer has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and passion since 1888. Founded in Lucerne, this modest Swiss family business has grown into the internationally renowned Bucherer brand with its own worldwide chain of stores. The Bucherer Group remains family-run today and is currently in its third generation, managed by the owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jörg G. Bucherer. In homage to founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the manufacturing brand of the same name was repositioned in 2001. Watches and their movements are developed and manufactured in the company’s own workshops in Switzerland. The breakthrough innovation was the manufacturer’s own CFB A1000 movement, which is driven by an external rotor. Bold design and technically sophisticated inner workings are the hallmarks of Carl F. Bucherer watches, which show more than just the time.

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