Chronograph Blazing Sun – The new shining star of JORDI

by Jordi Swiss Icon
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  • Chronograph Blazing Sun - The new shining star of JORDI Swiss Icon
  • Chronograph Blazing Sun - The new shining star of JORDI Swiss Icon

According to Pablo Picasso, some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Yellow spot or Blazing Sun: JORDI’s latest 2014 variation on the theme of Swiss glacier inspired chronographs is ablaze with trendy yellow and oozing with cheeky sex appeal.

Shaped by nature, unique, smooth and ergonomic like its predecessors, “Blazing Sun” embodies the power of the sun flaming across Alpine glaciers, sparkling off crisp snow and glinting off shiny black rock. The scintillating yellow detail is offset by the line’s unmistakable 44mm diameter black titanium case, topped by a domed sapphire crystal accentuating the ergonomic look and feel of the model, thus ensuring outstanding comfort on the wrist. Inside beats a Vallée de Joux movement with Manufacture-made complications and a 360-degree oscillating weight.

A radiant new take on tradition

The bright and breezy dial bearing a small seconds subdial, as well as minute and hour counters, is adorned with the brand’s cherished traditional paper-cut design that instils a powerful visual identity. The inimitable pattern is there, distinctly yet discreetly present. The vivid watch face is also enlivened by a large big date display at noon ensuring optimal visibility, while the Superluminova hour dots will be appreciated by night owls.

The generous hands symbolise arms linked in a gesture illustrating the strength that lies in unity. They echo the famous quote by Friedrich Schiller appearing inside the strap “Wir wollen sein ein einzig Volk von Brüdern” (We wish to be a united band of brothers). The crown is the signature of the JORDI Swiss Icon collection. The Swiss flag is deconstructed and recreated inside a red-ruby cylinder that is notched on the outside, like an abstract sculpture. It sets the finishing touch to a resolutely contemporary design that combines with the paper-cut motif to form a unique blend of modern and traditional elements.

This unequivocally masculine timepiece comes with an additional knock-out dose of bright yellow on both the inner and outer aluminium bezel rings, as well as the sides of the genuine black leather strap and the lug inserts. As an appropriate measure, for sun-loving men with style, “Blazing Sun” offers the added advantage of being water-resistant to 100 m.

Jordi Swiss Icon Chronograph Blazing Sun

Jordi Swiss Icon Chronograph Blazing Sun

Timeless inspiration, universal appeal.

The source of the Rhone River lies in the St. Gotthard mountain range, known as “Europe’s water tower”. The river born from the melting of the Rhone glacier then flows through the Canton of Valais before pouring into Lake Geneva. On its journey through Switzerland, it is fed by over 200 mountain streams. The rocks and tiny stones in its bed are subjected to the abrasive force of the sand and of the rushing waters. This slow erosion means that every stone of the Rhone, from huge rocks to daily polished pebbles, bears the indelible imprint of this age-old process. It is the rounded shape of the latter and their smooth, silky texture that inspired the ergonomic design of the collection.

With “Blazing Sun”, JORDI Swiss Icon portrays the power of nature through a stunning encounter between water and ice, light and stone.

Jordi Swiss Icon Chronograph Blazing Sun – Technical Specifications


  • Calibre MJ 1948.01 Self-winding chronograph crafted in the Vallée de Joux,
  • Manufacture bi-directional 360° oscillating weight,
  • Big date at 12 o’clock.


  • Titanium coated with black PVD,
  • Yellow anodized aluminum twin bezels,
  • Ø 44mm, satin-finished lugs with yellow inserts,
  • Semi covered end-lugs, domed sapphire crystals,
  • Anti-reflective treatment, and water resistant to 100m.


  • Chronograph counters, small second,
  • Satin-finished date plate with logo, paper-cut design,
  • 10 applied indexes, superluminova on markers.

Crown: Signature crown with recomposed Swiss flag.
Hands: Satin-finished rhodium-plated squelette hands with superluminova.
Strap: Rubber strap with stainless steel black PVD folding clasp.

Swiss retail price: CHF 6’900

The JORDI Swiss Icon brand

Founded in 1988, JORDI is one of the few brands which still holds the name of its Founder and CEO, Michel Jordi. For more than a quarter of a century, this tireless entrepreneur has kept his indepen-dence and continued to pioneer. JORDI Swiss Icon is the quint-essence of a lifetime devoted to watchmaking, innovation and launching new concepts.

With its smooth and ergonomic shape, this unique timepiece is inspired by the Alpine pebble stones polished through a million years, inviting people on a journey off the beaten tracks. It blends a resolutely contemporary design with the Swiss traditional art of “paper-cutting”, enhancing both the dial and the strap. This creation is aimed to people with a pio-neering spirit, who proudly assert their own style.

We are independent watchmakers heading into the third generation and determined to perpetuate the family heritage.

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