A new watch and lifestyle brand built around color

by Barebands
Press Release
  • A new watch and lifestyle brand built around color

BareBands, a new watch and lifestyle brand built around color and hyper-customization, has officially launched!  Designed in coordination with Rux Design, the BareBands watch represents a dramatic departure in terms of how watchbands are executed while retaining the familiarity of more “retro” digital timepieces. Thanks to a series of patent pending design elements, the process by which a user can slide in new watchbands and adjust the look of the face of the watch could not be easier.

The BareBands watch is super lightweight, form-fitting, and perfect for exercising. It’s colorful and “cool” enough to make it an everyday watch. It’s also durable and well built, waterproof to 30m.

The bands themselves also represent a huge step forward in terms of wristbands in general. Athletes clearly like wearing colorful bands on their wrists (e.g. Livestrong, Power Balance). The same goes for people supporting causes (e.g. Breast Cancer, MS). With BareBands, the familiar and fun wristband concept can now actually DO something.

As “smartwatches” and activity monitors become more prevalent, BareBands is prepared to grow in that direction. The bands themselves can attach to several devices, not just a watch. In the end though, leaving any potential tech applications aside, BareBands is about style and creativity.

The company is now selling pre-order watches via the IndieGoGo campaign.

About BareBands

Started in 2012, BareBands is committed to helping consumers execute maximally customized watches; it’s a lifestyle brand built to support all types of lifestyles. BareBands is also committed to being a socially responsible business. Causes / communities / organizations can use the BareBands platform to easily raise money for their causes. Furthermore, BareBands will be designating a portion of all profits to BareBands.org, a charity established to support efforts geared towards eradicating infectious disease via wearable technology.

For more information visit barebands.com or email [email protected].

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