Introduces The Phantom Collection

by Pro-Hunter
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  • Introduces The Phantom Collection

Fully armed, with stealth ferocity & super fine carbon matte finish.

Almost a decade ago, a watch label that spoke the innate language of international watch enthusiasts was launched onto the world stage. It went by the name of Pro Hunter. Originally created for the hunting community, today Pro Hunter is the highly desirable premium brand with an exclusive number of dedicated followers across the globe.

Pro-Hunter is to Rolex what AMG is to Mercedes Benz

Summer 2014 announces the anticipated Phantom Collection. Functions and features: super slick matte finish with black carbon casing, bezel, black pearl, black lume and choice of bracelet or military NATO strap.

Pro-Hunter Phantom Daytona

Pro-Hunter Phantom Daytona

Pro Hunter was created by Kamal Choraria, the world’s leading vintage Rolex sports watch dealer. Choraria was the first watch ‘academic’ to study rolex dials in order to facilitate the way in which collectors buy vintage Rolex sports watches. He created the ‘MK’ dial classification (MK I, MK II, ETC) which dates vintage Rolexes thus enabling clients and buyers to accurately value each watch and dial. This classiciation system is currently used by all auction houses and Rolex dealers in the industry. Choraria wrote a series of articles which would ultimately become the industry standard for collectors and watch enthusiasts all over the world. The technical know-how and design details recall Rolex’ golden years; the 1950’s and 60’s, while simultaneously remain loyal to the world-renown brand style and history.

Characteristic Pro-Hunter Specifications:

Anti Reflective “Diamond-Like Carbon” case coating in three styles:

  • Original,
  • Matt.
  • and Stealth.

Military models fitted with fixed bars with a canvas strap ensuring durability and comfort for outdoor activities.

Individually engraved and numbered case backs for each limited edition. The phantom collection is the evolution of the Pro-Hunter stealth style. It is the result of the discovery of new technologies and developed coating techniques which has allowed for a unique and luxury style of Pro-Hunter that will be available initially in three ranges:

  • The Submariner
  • The Deepsea
  • And the Stealth Daytona

Pro-Hunter designs are inspired by Rolex sport vintage models, such as the Daytona with anti-reflective bezels, the 4-Line James Bond big crowns. The military Submariners, created for the special boat squadron, the black coated Rolex submariner made for select military leaders based in Africa.

Modifications strictly adhere to the requirements of the perfect sports watch, so as to not take away from the history and tradition of Rolex – only the original Swiss-made watch parts are used in Pro-Hunters.

RRP Prices:

Deepsea: Military – £15,950 / Bracelet – £17,950
Submariner Date: Military £14,950 / Bracelet – £15,950
Stealth Daytona – £19,950

About Pro-Hunter:

Pro Hunter started out with the objective of making Rolex sports watches hunting-compatible. The Rolex – for men or women – would be coated with PVD, black and inconspicuous with a non reflective bezel; thus black prevents reflection of the sun, something that could easily frighten away an animal. (

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