Bremont Kingsman and the Movie

Bremont Kingsman and the Movie

by Michael Weare
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Many watch fanatic loves nothing more than to try and identify watches in movies, and finds it impossible to resist nudging their unimpressed other half in the middle of the movie to proudly identify the watch that is so fleetingly seen on screen.

In the case of the Bremont Kingsman there is a double bonus for avid watch spotters. Not only is the sexy Bremont Kingsman being featured in a slick new spy thriller called Kingsman: The Secret Service. Nick English, the co-founder of the watch company, can also be seen in two brief scenarios in the movie. But if you so much as look down to pluck some more caramel popcorn from your jumbo carton, you will miss him.

The film features not only Bremont but a number of fine British luxury brands and one can only imagine the fun the film’s merchandisers must have had making their shortlist. However, in a sign that Bremont may one day become the watch of choice for none other than James Bond himself, the Kingsman is chosen as the wrist technology for the agents in the movie.

Bremont specially made the mechanical watches for the film, directed by Matthew Vaghn and adapted from a comic book story. Vaughn has had previous hits with X-Men First Class and Kick Ass.

Kingsman stars Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Caine and emerging young actor Taron Egerton. Egerton is a 23 year old Welsh born RADA trained actor who graduated with a BA (Hons) Acting in 2012, he has been seen on British TV screens in The Smoke and earlier in the long running detective series Lewis.

The movie tells the story of a super-secret British spy organisation that recruits an untrained but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training programme just as a global threat emerges from a twisted high-tech genius.

And what about the watch itself? Well, in keeping with a movie all about secret agents, at the moment everything is extremely hush hush and need to know, and Bremont has decided that for the time being we don’t need to know anything further until some time in August when pictures and information about the watch will be released. The movie itself is due for launch in the Fall and the watches will go on sale in September.

Bremont Kingsman Watch

Bremont Kingsman Watch

What we can tell you is that the watch is based on the venerable Bremont ALT1 B series, which is worn by a string of celebrities as diverse as actor Ewan McGregor and guitarist Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a crafted rose gold chronograph on an alligator strap, while the trainee recruits sport a black stealth-like chronograph on a NATO band. The watches are all set to play an important part in the secret agents’ gadget line-up.

Commenting on the choice of Bremont as the starring watch, DIRECTOR Matthew Vaghn said: “Kingsman are first and foremost British, which made Bremont watches the perfect fit. Apart from making fantastic mechanical watches, Bremont has links to the military and their special forces around the world, making them the perfect timepieces for the modern spy.”

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