The Pinion Revival 1969

The Pinion Revival 1969

by Johnny McElherron
$1,000 - 9,999, Pinion

Pinion is one of British Watchmaking’s newest additions. Although the company was box-fresh at last year’s SalonQP event, their first model the Pinion Axis was very well-received and their ebullient founder Piers Berry impressed all and sundry with his enthusiasm.

The Pinion Revival 1969 – Distinctly English

Right from its founding in 2013 there has been nothing pretentious about the attitude of Pinion – quality is the keyword, and Piers, who has been deeply involved in every aspect of his business, has been emphatic in his desire that his watchmaking business should be as “English” as possible. Although the movements, engineering and parts are all undeniably Swiss, the company which is located in South Oxfordshire, employs BHI (British Horology Institute) members in their watch assembly and service centre.

The Pinion Revival 1969

The Pinion Revival 1969

The ethos of Pinion is “grounded in building small quantities of unique and individual timepieces for discerning gentlemen”, an ideology which is validated by the new Pinion Revival 1969 which brings the quirky charm of vintage mechanics to the company’s portfolio.

The Pinion Revival 1969 – Authentic Personality

A batch of 1969 New Old Stock Valjoux handwound 7734 movements in “Ebauche” condition inspired the Pinion Revival 1969 model, the company’s first chronograph piece. Compared to contemporary calibres, this movement runs at a more leisurely pace so it will sound different, and of course it has the added desirability of rarity giving it a truly authentic personality.

Pinion Revival 1969 - Movement

Pinion Revival 1969 – Movement

The calibre arrangement dictates a clean dial layout which fits in perfectly with Pinion’s simple approach to design. The all-black dial has multi-level aesthetics with finish variations, which add interest and meticulous attention to detail has been given to the indexes and numerals which have been polished to perfection. Such a considered approach to design pays dividends and this watch is highly legible and functional while at the same time it is the epitome of timeless and understated styling.

The Pinion Revival 1969 – A Modern Twist

The view of the Valjoux 7734 through the smoky rear sapphire caseback is superb and the absence of a rotor allows for an uninterrupted look-see at its impressive inner workings. Pinion state that in the creation of this watch they strived “to reference 20th century vintage chronographs, but with a 21st century twist”. I have to say that they have achieved this and more – no mean feat for such a youthful watchmaking business.

The Pinion Revival 1969 model features a 43mm polished stainless steel case. A “Superdome” double bezel and convex sapphire enhance the profile of this model and on the case side the crown and pushers have been engineered to enhance the experience of time-setting and function activation for the wearer.

Pinion Revival 1969 - Dial & Caseback

Pinion Revival 1969 – Dial & Caseback

The Pinion Revival 1969 comes presented on a fine leather calf strap which has been handmade in the UK. The model will be made in a limited edition of 100 pieces priced at £4,950.

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