Interview of Alexandr Mituc - Watch Designer

Interview of Alexandr Mituc – Watch Designer

by Romain Brabant

Hello, Alexander, please, tell us about yourself?

Hello! I have been working as a graphical designer since 2007. At that time I was developing interfaces for websites and I was modelling 3D objects as well. Starting with 2014 I began to create wristwatches design concepts.

Why did you decide to make namely wristwatches design?

The wristwatches are the representation of the human’s style, they speak about his character, render his status. The watches is my long-standing passion. I have a small collection of mechanical watches which were issued in 80s. I just was always wondering “which useful functions and complications could be added to the watches?” I was drawing some drafts on the paper and at one moment I decided to draw a 3D watch which I would wear by myself with a pleasure.

Concept of Dive Watch

Concept of Dive Watch

So, I drew a concept of Dive watch (images are here). I showed them to my friends and everybody liked them very much. Thus I decided not to stop and continue to think out the new models. I simply keep an eye on the famous brands’ news and I sometimes notice details that I would do in other way slightly changing the form or the measure or even the elements’ form, colour, material.

How do you see the ideal wristwatch?

The watch is something out of time, it should look out and work equally well even after 50 years. Because of this while creating the new watch concepts I accentuate the assembling quality and materials durability. I like steel and sapphire glass, ceramics and the natural minerals. The information at the dial-plate should be easy to read even if the skeleton design is used. This is very important how the information will look out under the sun light or in the dusk.

I pay a proper attention to the comfort of watch wearing I imagine exactly how the model would rest on the wrist. For instance, if I would develop a sports watch I would pay a special attention to the wristlet ventilation. Basically, such wristlets are done out of the polymeric plastic. Thus it is not difficult to create a well vented wristlet. I have a sports model of Cassio which is very comfortable to wear. I often use it during my trainings and this is the main argument why I bought this watch.

As to the design – this is a highly individual thing and only the watch owner has the right to make a choice.

What can you say about the watch world’s brands? Which ones do you like the most?

If we consider the everyday watch then probably it is Rolex Submariner or GMT Master, a classical design which will never go out of fashion. Everything is simple and at the same time amazingly concise in this watch. It is necessary to pay a due respect to Rolex designers.

One of my favourite brands is Roger Dubuis. These watches have absolutely unique design where the sharp lines and angles give some aggression and the symmetrical elements of the mechanism create complete style of the absolute design.

Concept Watch

Concept Watch

Many brands such as Hublot and Amadeus Piaget don’t want to experiment mainly having practically the same body, they just renew the watch face and small details. I think it is connected with the risks that the community of fans would not accept the new models.

Which future plans do you have? Which watch’s ideas are you about to do?

Now I am occupied with the creation of the Damascus steel chronograph concept. In this watch I plan to realize the atypical representation of the information which chronograph accumulative hands show. I think you will see them soon.

I also have some ideas of creating the watch linked with the historical architectural masterpieces subject-matter. It will be a splendid watch with a very detailed body and dial-plate. Most likely I will use the precious jewels inlays, gold and platinum.

You will be able to see my new works at the address of my portfolio –

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